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Markx - a markdown web app for science

Write versioned papers online!

What is Markx?

Markx is a Markdown editor for scientific writing.

Why Markx?

Markdown has recently become popular among academics as a way to produce scientific documents. When paired with document conversion engines such as `pandoc`, it provides an easy and powerful way to write. We decided to build Markx to make markdown writing a collaborative effort that could be hosted as web service. For additional discussion, see these blog posts:

Markdown and the future of collaborative academic writing
Thoughts on a pre-print server
How to ditch Word.


Upcoming features


  1. Clone this repo
  2. Install Python and Flask
  3. Add an environment variable named BIB_FILE with the path to your BibTeX .bibfile, or create file with the key-value BIB_FILE = /path/to/bib/file.
  4. Run the editor locally by calling python and opening your browser at http://localhost:5000.